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Hyde Park Hotel

Proposed Hyde Park Hotel Variance Signature Sheet of Support or No Objection

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The proposed 52-key boutique hotel will be located at 702 Hyde Park Blvd, and is a 7-story design under 75 feet tall that complements the Montrose Neighborhood and the surrounding community. The entrance to the hotel will be located on the South Side of the site on Hyde Park Boulevard, a local street. The proposed Hyde Park Hotel has two driveways. One driveway with access to Stanford Street for deliveries and another driveway with access to Hyde Park Boulevard leading to the 54-car Parking Garage. An additional 25 offsite parking spaces will be available to the West on a site on Crocker Street.

The Hyde Park Hotel will be requesting 4 variances

Ch. 28 - 202: The hotel is requesting three variances from Chapter 28-202

Ch. 42 - 150: The proposed hotel is requesting one variance from Chapter 42

This Project is on the City of Houston Planning Commission Agenda for July 27th 2:30 PM at the City Council Chambers, City Hall Annex (900 Bagby St., Houston, TX 77002)

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